A butterfly release symbolizes new beginnings and a new life. A monarch butterfly release brings gasps of awe and wonder as orange wings burst into the air. As the butterflies fly around and even land on guests, you will see the delight and excitement on their faces. They will leave talking about the release and some may even be walking out with a butterfly on their shoulder! What a perfect photo and video opportunity! The butterfly release at your event can capture the memories of your special day.

Painted Lady butterflies are smaller than Monarch butterflies and are content in centerpieces at your wedding, anniversary, dinner, reception, or other event.

A butterfly release is not only for you and your guests, but also for nature. These butterflies are not collected from the wild but raised in laboratories for the purpose of a butterfly release. In nature, 98 percent of all butterfly eggs laid will not become adults. Butterfly predators, parasites, and disease take a huge toll on their lives. At the butterfly farm they are raised in an enclosed laboratory to protect them. After emerging, they are released in a screened garden to dry and strengthen their wings and to drink nectar. After they have eaten well and have strengthened their wings, they are packed carefully for shipment to the area of the United States where they are to be released. These strong healthy butterflies continue the cycle of life in the area of their release.
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What is a Release?
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When butterflies are released from individual boxes or envelopes, each guest experiences the release individually. At a given signal, everyone releases their butterflies with wishes of good fortunes, happiness and love. As dozens of butterflies lift into the air to fly free into nature for the first time, gasps of delight will lift into the air along with your butterflies.
A mass release box will hold the butterflies for release all at once by opening the lid. Instructions on transferring the butterflies from the individual boxes/envelopes to the mass release box(s) will be provided.


The butterflies fly around inside a decorated cage, placed in your reception area, hung from trees or stands, or as table centerpiece. At the appropriate moment, the netting is drawn to release the butterflies. Instructions on transferring the butterflies from the individual boxes/envelopes to the display cage will be provided.
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