After the tragic loss of his dear wife Gloria of 31 years who was involved in a fatal car accident caused by a speeding driver, Nick Silverio wanted to continue her memory and spirit through charitable works.  He knew there was no better way to do this then focus on the people she continually helped most in her life - children and the elderly.  Gloria and Nick had two miscarriages and therefore had no children of their own but they were godparents to 14 children and nurtured all the nieces and nephews in their family.


He created the Gloria M. Silverio Foundation, a 5013 not for profit organization and named the first and only project "A SAFE HAVEN FOR NEWBORNS " in response to the tragedy of newborn abandonment.


Many little lives have been saved as of this writing but there is so much more to do. We believed from the beginning, if only one life was saved, all of our efforts would be worthwhile.


Nick was looking for ways to provide funding to help sustain this life saving program. He was searching for something that would symbolically relate to the "Safe Haven Mission", expressing a "New Beginning".  One day as he was pondering this thought, a butterfly flew by him and thus began .... Magical Butterfly Releases.  A portion of the net profits are donated to "A Safe Haven for Newborns".


We have learned about the wonderful world of butterflies and strongly believe in protecting nature's treasures and maintaining our environment for future generations.


The staff of Magical Butterfly Releases looks forward to serving you to help create lasting magical memories.


Magical Butterfly Releases

6801 N.W. 77th. Avenue, Suite 404    
Miami, Florida 33166 

Phone: 1-888-666-3181
Fax:     305-889-0017


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